The worse thing I can say about the experience is that I had to wait in line – but hey – that was a great sign I had made the right choice in a contractor.  I have used Darron twice now.  The first when we were building our home and we wanted to ensure the spaces in the ceiling vaults were well insulated.  These areas continue to be those in the roof line that stay white with frost (or snow) long after the neighbor’s homes have melted back to the shade of their shingles.  The second time we used Darron was when we were addressing some humidity issues as we finished our basement.  We have really noticed the difference made in this area.  This being said, one could interpret this as a mere product endorsement, foam is a great choice.  However, in regard to Darron, he shows up on time, provides a very detailed proposal outlining just what to expect, and upon doing the job, performs a very neat and clean job.  He is also super polite, despite the very intimidating haircut.  I would use Darron again without a doubt!

Christian D, Pegram, TN


Darron did a fantastic job installing attic insulation at our home in Brentwood. It was a tough job,, the house has been added on to several times and has a lot of quirks. Darron is a true professional, and went the extra mile on every detail to make sure the insulation job was a perfect as possible – despite working in very hot conditions, in some very cramped spaces.  He was also excellent at communicating what he was doing, why he was doing it, and when he would be doing it, and also did a great job of cleaning up. We are extremely pleased with the results. We just had our HVAC maintenance team take a look, and they were very impressed also. We haven’t done the wall insulation yet, which we probably need to do, but Darron will definitely be the person we call when we’re ready to take that job on. Thanks Darron!

June Gerken – Nashville

I hired Darron to insulate my house over a year ago.  He came in, did a great job and left a clean house.  I had my gas bill averaged out for the year by the gas company, so we pay the same amount every month, and at the end of the year we saved $267 on our gas bill and over $40 a month on our electric.  A total years savings of $750 proven by the bills.

K Russell – Nashville

I always think the first question to answer after spending money on a “home improvement” of this type after having lived with it for a while is was it worth it, or if you had the chance to do it over would you do it again.  That is easy to answer in this case.  Without a doubt, of all the things I have done, this has been the most beneficial.  Has it had an effect on my bills, YES!  How much is hard to isolate because I installed a new Hot Tub that runs 24/7 at the same time.  I will say this, even with the new Hot Tub, my bills are less, and it is suppose to add around $20 a month.  Even though the bill reduction is nice, I don’t think that is the most important part for me.  Before we insulated, my heat pump ran all of the time during peak of the winter and summer.  Now, it actually cuts on and off.  During the winter, we couldn’t get the inside temperature above 62 degrees if it was below freezing outside.  Now, if I put the temp on 71, it is 71.  To me, that makes it worth it.  Would I recommend this to a friend?  I think you are stupid not to do it, if not for the savings, for the quality of life.

Clay G., Nashville, TN

I wanted to thank you for doing an excellent job in insulating our exterior wall cavities and give a history of how this project came to pass. As a civil engineer I began looking at insulating alternatives for my home which was built in 1961 with no insulation in the wall cavities. I had already brought my attic insulation up to R-49 and the unconditioned areas in the crawl spaces and garage to R-30. I wanted to upgrade to a more efficient heating and cooling system. After doing load calculations on my home I discovered by increasing my wall insulation and lowering the air infiltration I could go from my current 4 ton air-source heat pump with backup gas furnace to a 3 ton ground source heat pump with electric strip auxiliary heating. I reviewed many different methods of doing this such as: adding external insulation board, or using vinyl siding with insulation board, or taking my wood siding off and spraying insulation in the cavities, and also considered leaving it the way it is. Once I found the Retrofoam method it was clear this was the way to go. I called the Retrofoam company and found that the nearest installer was Inside-Out Maintenance located 3 hours north of Hoover in the Nashville area. I thought that working out a project over such a distance would be hard but you made it simple. I took measurements which I already had from the load calculations and took digital pictures to send you so you could see all the faces of my house and where the wood siding switched to brick siding etc. You were able to produce an estimate from this information. The price between insulating the walls and the decreased equipment costs of going to 3 tons showed going with Retrofoam was the way to go. We then set a date to start and a finish time. You arrived when at the appointed time and day and finished on time. You protected areas around the house, cleaned up after the installation, were careful to insulate all of the exposed siding areas without interior damage. As an engineer I am very detailed oriented, yet you were several magnitudes of detail
above me.

The results have been more than I had dreamed for. It is hard to break out just the effect of your project but as a whole August of 2007 was the hottest on record in Hoover yet I used 50% of the electricity that I used in August 2006. My wife, Mary, says her need to dust has gone from weekly to monthly as the air infiltration has been eliminated not bringing in outside dust particles which is 100% of your project.

Lastly, I especially liked that you reducedthe costs of my project by me allowing me to provide labor for you. Also, receiving a refund check for items that weren’t used was a honest and fair gesture.

Mary and I would be happy and willing to recommend your services and to discuss with any of your potential clients the benefits you bring to the table.

Craig and Mary W., Nashville, TN

I apologize for not getting back to you on this!!!.. Your e-mail got buried
 in the abyss of my in-box!

 I’d absolutely like to contribute a testimonial… I don’t have strong stats 
but here we go:

”Darron Haralson is a driven professional who is dedicated and passionate
 about his craft.  Using expanding foam insulation he essentially turned my
 1930′s home into an igloo cooler!  I was appreciative of Darron’s work 
ethic, my wife was very appreciative of the Foam’s lack of off-gassing 
toxins and my energy bill is the most appreciative of all!  An amazing
 product, by a stand-up business man… I’m looking forward to having Darron 
back out to insulate our new addition!

John R., Nashville, TN

Just an update on my attic insulation.This morning it was down to 9 degrees;the temp in my attic was 41 degrees. Before it would sometimes drop below freezing up there.The foam is doing a great job. The max temp last summer was 97 degs in the attic, but before I had seen it up to 122 degs.My house  sure feels more comfortable. My latest gas bill was 2 dollars less that the same period last year, and I am sure the price of natural gas has gone up a good deal. On days when the outside temp is in the 30s or 40s, my furnace will only cycle on 2 or 3 times a day. To say that I am pleased, would be an understatement. The best to you and your family this Christmas season.

Wayne S., Nashville, TN

Thank you so much for the insulation work that you did in the attic spaces of my son’s room!  It has made a real difference…most notably in the winter months when before his room would be so cold like we had cold air blowing along the floor!  Once I opened the attic space, I realized the massive holes in the insulation due to the original insulation (just a little over 4 years old) falling down and not having been properly installed in some awkward framing areas…like around his bathroom wall.  His bathroom floor and tub were so cold, you could barely stand to be in there!

The work you did to completely remove the old insulation and then to spray in the insulation has made the room very comfortable just like the rest of the house.  His room is on the side of the house that doesn’t get sun in the winter, so it’s very notable that it’s warm from the proper insulation & heating and not from the warmth from the sun.  His bathroom is also very cozy and not cold at all anymore.

When we finish our walk-in attic, we will most certainly be calling you again!

Jennifer H., Nashville, TN

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